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Number #1 Escrow service platform for buying/selling household gadgets and items


You can buy and sell new or neatly used items while we protect your transaction by ensuring quality, 100% satisfaction and 0% cheating


Trusted by thousands of satisfied Nigerians


Over 100 million naira worth of transactions protected by MyBoltMarket


Safeguarding both buyer & seller with a unique system


Registered and certified by corporate affairs commission


We make buying and selling of all items as easy and swift as texting a loved one


We offer a very considerate refund policy. Instant refund guaranteed for faulty and misleading items.

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You can buy or sell classic cars, neatly used cars or motorcycles through BoltMarket without any fear of fraud or deception.

Electionic Gadgets

BoltMarket handles buying and selling of electronic gadgets such as TVs, computer, sound systems, phones and other household gadgets.
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Jewelry, Watches and Fashion

Buying and selling expensive jewelry and watches online could be difficult due to trust issues but with MyBoltMarket trading process, trust is sustained.
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Furnitures & Utensils

Furnitures and utensils are part of the household items that could be sold through MyBoltMarket

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Why MyBoltMarket?

Security First

We protect both your privacy and money

Trust Issues

We ensure your maximum satisfaction in every transaction and eliminate any element of cheating

Bizarre Support

We give you access to 24/7 support. Chat or call? We are only one-click away

Prompt Notification

Get real-time notification regarding all processes involved in your transaction

Instant Disbursement

Get your money immediately after delivery and your item speedily after payment

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Our Unique But Simple Businesses Strategy

  • Products are strategically promoted using targeted marketing via our campaign channels and social media outlets to get a potential buyer.

  • Once terms are met & payment made to middle agent account, seller is asked to deliver the item and seller gets instantly credited upon buyer's approval.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is MyBoltMarket?

My Bolt Market is an escrow service platform for buying/selling new or neatly used household gadgets, vehicles and other items with 100% confidentiality and 0% cheating.

What Does Escrow Mean?

Escrow simply means an agreement between two parties (buyer & seller) in which money or item/property being sold is kept by a third party middle agent/organization until the terms of the deal is met.

Yes. MyBoltMarket is a legal entity. We are registered in Nigeria with Business Name Registration No. 3809325. All the business transactions on MyBoltMarket are legitimate and government regulated.

How Do I Buy A Product/Item?

Confirm availability of the product, make payment, receive owner details, test product when received, update us to pay seller. Read more on how to buy

How Do I Sell A Product/Item?

Provide a clear video/picture of your product, location of product, price, state fault if any and drop a rechable number. Kindly note that price of your product could be subject to negotiation if need be.

Does MyBoltMarket Hold Goods/Items For Sellers?

No. Sellers are meant to hold their goods/items and make delivery when due.

Can I Get Scammed On MyBoltMarket?

No. We protect both the seller and buyer and ensure that there is no form of fraud or cheating. As long as you follow instructions, you are 100% safe.

Does MyBoltMarket Charge A fee?

Yes but the fee is extremely low and almost insignificant/unnoticeable. We can decide to offer our escrow for free but we have a cost to bear and we need to maintain the platform regularly to avoid any discrepancy.

How Long Am I Expected To Wait To Receive My Money After Selling?

As a seller, you get credited as soon as the buyer receives & test the item and as a buyer you receive your item immediately you pay into the escrow account.

What Happens When I Do Not Receive Exactly What I Paid For?

As a seller, you get credited as soon as the buyer receives & test the item and as a buyer you receive your item immediately you pay into the escrow account.

I Want To Partner With MyBoltMarket, How Do I Go About That?

We would love to work with you, kindly send us a mail via or contact us via WhatsApp

REfund terms

Buyer can request for a refund on the basis of the following:

There will be no refund if

We are restoring absolute confidence to all buyers and sellers online, transact online without FEAR or uncertainty. Buy or sell with peace of mind